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Anette Olzon: Strong
Anette Olzon - Strong Album Art

Anette Olzon: Strong

Melodic Symphonic Metal/Rock

We all know Swedish vocalist Anette Olzon who was lifted from the obscurity of the band Alyson Avenue to front uber-symphonic metal band Nightwish in 2007, replacing Tarja Turunen. While less operatic then Turunen, Ms Olzon was a perfect fit for the band. She then became part of two of Nightwish's best albums Dark Passion Play (2007) and the mammoth and monumental Imaginaerum (2011)She split with Nightwish over dubious and conflicting claims to establish a solo career. Her debut solo album Shine appeared in 2014. In 2017, Olzon went on to collaborate with former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen for their The Dark Element project, releasing the debut album in the same year. Now the talented vocalist returns with her second solo album, Strong featuring songwriting, musicianship, and production from guitarist Magnus Karlsson.

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Anette Olzon

I've always enjoyed Ms Olzon vocal style and strength. When I heard she was working with one of my favorite composers and guitarist, I was equally pleased, yet with high expectations. While overall the album strays little from the symphonic melodic metal context so familiar to Olzon, yet supported by heavy rock groove. Alternatively, Karlsson's songwriting is rather typical, or predictable, in the arrangements. Generally most songs began with some notion of keyboard and symphonic nuances, his riffs then roll in, and then Olzon's vocals. Of course song melody is at a premium, and song harmony revolves around Olzon's vocal arrangements. And many songs have a quick pace that, when combined with the riffs and symphonic synths, makes the songss fast, heavy, and dense. I Need To Say, Hear Them Roar, and Strong are notable examples of this formula. Even more so, Parasite with its thick bottom end and rabid pacing could easily pass for power metal, symphonic of course. All these things are quite entertaining and expected from the dynamic duo of Olzon and Karlsson. That is, until the harsh growling vocals appear. Perhaps not unexpected, but they appear early within Bye Bye Bye and Sick Of You, but latter also as within Hear Them Roar (among others). Whatever. It's the spirit of modernity in current metal trends. I neither understand it or find it enjoyable. Nevertheless, many fans will find Anette Olzon's Strong to be another fine and entertaining album of symphonic melodic where her voice can shine. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

Many fans will find Anette Olzon's Strong to be another fine and entertaining album of symphonic melodic where her voice can shine.

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