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The Treatment: Power Crazy
The Treatment - Power Crazy Music Review

The Treatment: Power Crazy

Hard Rock

Comparisons being notoriously redundant, if I could pick an heir apparent to AC/DC and their working class, below the belt, boogie hard rock, it would be England's The Treatment. Then considering that Aussie band's recent albums, I would even venture to say that The Treatment sounds more AC/DC than AC/DC without sounding like AC/DC. Go ahead, redact that statement. Now the band returns with their fourth album, Power Crazy and a fine new lead singer, Tom Rampton.

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The Treatment

Needless to say, I gave too much away in that first sentence. The Treatment is in fine form once more, delivering their version of classic boogie hard rock. Built upon twin guitar harmony and wicked leads, a tight rhythm section, and clean assertive vocals, The Treatment puts gusto into their beat and groove. With that you can tap your toe while you bang your head. Their music is equally suitable for a backyard kegger, an infinite road trip, or as the soundtrack to a barroom brawl.

You can get your boogie and groove going with the might catchy Hang Em High, Bite Back, Scare With Her Name, or the big drum beat of King Of The City. Thick riffs lead The Fighting Song before the bass line and drums propel the song to heavy riff rocker. With Rising Power and Falling Down, The Treatment keeps it simple, delivering fast catchy rockers under three minutes. Then they put blues into their groove with slow grinding Luck Of The Draw. If they stumble at any point, it's with Waiting For The Call, a slow lumbering number that should have been called Waiting For It To End. Nevertheless, in the end, The Treatment's Power Crazy is another exceptional album of their guitar and groove boogie hard rock. Easily recommended.

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The Bottom Line

The Treatment's Power Crazy is another exceptional album of their guitar and groove boogie hard rock. Easily recommended.

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