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Terminus: A Single Point Of Light
Terminus - A Single Point Of Light Album Art Work

Terminus: A Single Point Of Light

Traditional Heavy Metal

Hailing from Belfast, Terminus is the studio project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter David Gillespie with long time friend James Beattie on vocals. After three years of preparation the duo returns with their second long player, A Single Point Of Light. Previous works and songs had sci-fi themes, and so does this album. It's intriguing concept is best explained by the band:

The A Single Point of Light album title stems from the song "Mhira, Tell Me the Nature of Your Existence," where the main character had her consciousness digitally preserved upon death. Gillespie compares it to how a blind person who was once sighted still sees in their dreams; the mind will process stimuli and thoughts as images to represent them. The "Single Point of Light" in the title and the song itself is the outside world communicating with her which she perceives as a singularity amongst darkness.

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Musically, the concept is worked out through traditional heavy metal where the songs feature power metal pacing with some rock groove, dense riffage, strong drumming, and plenty of soaring solos. Remember, one guy, David Gillespie handles all these things (including the arrangements) and, frankly, his guitar solos are both masterful and thrilling. For his part Beattie is a traditional, clean singing, metal vocalist with fine range and control, and more than a little drama in his voice.

Adding these elements up, and Terminus offers quite dramatic and epic heavy metal. Think hints of bands like Manilla Road, Legendry, Ravensire, or Spirit Adrift. As for the songs, I was most fond of the ones where Gillespie guitar lines seemed most prominent such as To Ash To Dust, Harvest, and Mhira, Tell Me the Nature of your Existence. But that last song along with the Closer Spinning Webs Catching Dreams finds Terminus at their most intense with crushing riffs and rumbling power metal gallop, while Gillespie rips up his fret board for more solos. All in all, for some powerful guitar-forward, epic heavy metal, Terminus delivers the goods with A Single Point Of Light. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, for some powerful guitar-forward, epic heavy metal, Terminus delivers the goods with A Single Point Of Light. Recommended.

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