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Lione-Conti: Lione-Conti
Fabio Lione - Alessandro Conti 2018 Self-titled Debut Album CD Album Review

Lione-Conti: Lione-Conti

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Vocalists Alessandro Conti and Fabio Lione have intersecting careers. Both, at some point, have played for one of the incarnations of Rhapsody, whether with Luca Turilli or Alex Staropoli. Lately, Lione toured with Turilli's Rhapsody, and Conti currently fronts Trick Or Treat. In this sense, this vocal pairing for an album makes sense. But this may also remind you of another vocal duo, at least it did for me: Russell Allen and Jorn Lande aka Allen/Lande. Not surprisingly, when I finally got to reading the press release from Frontiers, the label describes Lione-Conti as the Italian version of Allen/Lande.

Lione-Conti Band Photo

Alessandro Conti & Fabio Lione

The same, but different. While the Allen/Lande project turns more on heavy rock and metal, Lione-Conti turns more upon European melodic power metal. This is in contrast to the Rhapsody context of bombastic and symphonic cinematic power metal. It's not that there isn't some symphonic synths within the album. They're just dialed back. What is significant about the Lione-Conti project is that it's equally about the singers and the music. Needless to say, both Lione and Conti are exceptional vocalist and deliver and outstanding performances. But the melodic power metal is pretty killer as well, brimming with melody and harmony, rhythm and groove, bristling with lavish riffage, and soaring with epic guitar solos. Those solos come from DGM's Simone Mularoni who also produced, mixed, and mastered the album. With that in mind, after a spin or two, I wondered if this project wasn't also a (subtly secretive) Mularoni project, simply because he gets lots of room to rip into some sweet solos.

No matter, it's all good. For some quintessential melodic power metal, great tracks arrive with Destruction Show, Crosswinds, You're Falling, and Glories. Alternatively with Somebody Else you have more of a power metal anthem. Beginning with a light piano line it builds to a crescendo of epic melodic metal, with Mularoni delivering more fiery fret work.

Whether the Lione-Conti project is simply a one-off deal is yet to be seen. If recollection serves me correctly, Allen/Lande did three albums. Perhaps Fabio and Alessandro will return with chapter two in a few years. Otherwise, enjoy Lione-Conti for the great voices and the terrific melodic power metal. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Whether the Lione-Conti project is simply a one-off deal is yet to be seen. Enjoy Lione-Conti for the great voices of Fabio Lione and Alessandro Conti, and the terrific melodic power metal within. Recommended.

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