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Gus G: Fearless
Gus G - Fearless Music Review

Gus G: Fearless

Melodic Heavy Metal

Guitar guru Gus G likes to keep busy. In between his gigs with Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind, he finds time to cut a solo album here and there. Gus returns with his third solo recording, Fearless which features vocalist and bassist Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Unisonic, et al) and drummer Will Hunt(Evanescence).

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Gus G

As you would expect, Fearless centers upon Gus G's skillful and imaginative guitar work. But with Dennis Ward in his corner, he's also a terrific songwriter. Sure, he'll thrill you with his fret board pyrotechnics, but these heavy metal rockers are also wrapped in quite catchy melody, harmony, and groove.

As for the songs, they're mostly hard and heavy numbers with some twists, but all leading to a Gus G solo or two. Letting Go trips you up with a near power metal start in the quick staccato drums, but turns more on mixed pacing and fine vocal harmony. The bass leads the metal rocker Mr. Manson, and then continues the groove paired with Gus' riffs. While his riffs and solos rise in Big City, the song turns on a big beat and groove from the bass and drums. Perhaps the most interesting song here, possibly my favorite, is the melodic hard rocker, Chances. It moves by so many crafty and catchy elements melded together: Gus's slick harmonious riffs and powerful solo, Ward's vocal harmony, an infectious rock groove, and an amazing refrain.

Of course there are also two instrumentals, Fearless And Thrill Of The Chase, where Gus gets more room to display his guitar wizardry. Finally, Gus and company cover Dire Straits classic hit Money For Nothing, which blew the doors off of MTV back in the day. Essentially, Gus converts the song into a melodic heavy metal number that follows the original arrangement (including the synths and big drums at the start). I liked it. All said, Fearless finds Gus G at his best, thrilling us with his fine guitar work in well-composed songs and creative instrumentals. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Fearless finds Gus G at his best, thrilling us with his fine guitar work in well-composed songs and creative instrumentals. Recommended.

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