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Greyhawk: Ride Out EP
Greyhawk - Ride Out EP Music Review

Greyhawk: Ride Out EP

(Traditional) Heavy Metal

Formed a mere two years ago, Seattle-based Greyhawk was created by Canadian bass player Darin Wall and NYC guitarist Jesse Berlin. They're joined by Italian guitarist Enrico Mariuzzo, drummer Nate Butler, and from the Seattle Opera, Revere Taylor, switching to his heavy metal voice. The band drops their first EP, the self-released Ride Out.

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And it's a solid debut. Greyhawk wears their influences on their denim vests: the old school "keep it true" heavy metal of Dio, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Vocalist Revere Taylor is definitely channeling the spirit of Halford and Dickinson, while you can still hear his operatic timbre. After this, the most influential element is simply the fine guitar work. Berlin and Mariuzzo are the real deal, offering the dynamic duo of superb twin guitar harmony and exciting neo-classical shred solos. If you love fresh and skilled guitar licks, buy this EP, you won't be disappointed.

As for the songs, there's a sweet six started by a rather epic instrumental introduction. After this, you fly right into some terrific, often power metal speedy, traditional heavy metal. The songs bristle with melody, harmony, and rock groove as they gallop to those tasty guitar solos. Suffice to say, all the songs are terrific with no exception. I liked everything about this album, and wanted to hear more. Honestly, Greyhawk has the heavy metal talent. We can only hope for more in the future. If you love traditional, guitar-forward, "keep it true" heavy metal, you will dig Greyhawk's Ride Out EP. Easily recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Honestly, Greyhawk has the heavy metal talent. If you love traditional, guitar-forward, "keep it true" heavy metal, you will dig Greyhawk's Ride Out EP. Easily recommended.

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