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Brainstorm: Midnight Ghost
Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost Music Review

Brainstorm: Midnight Ghost

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Germany's Brainstorm needs little introduction. Formed nearly 30 years ago, the band has been a heavy power metal stalwart in the German and international metal universe. While it took Brainstorm almost ten years to drop their first album, they've been putting out albums consistently since then, and even more so in recent years. This year's Midnight Ghost, is their third album in a span of five years, their twelfth overall.

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Midnight Ghost finds the Teutonic power metal heroes in fine form. The band, the album, the tunes are as expected: intense, heavy, and hard charging. Brainstorm has always been exceptional and efficient at mixing the best elements of power metal together: gallop and groove with guitar harmony and vocal melody and an audacious amount of blistering guitar solos. It's a tried and true formula for the pleasure of power metal fans and the chagrin of their abundant critics.

Brainstorm nails it from the start with Devil's Eye, but also later with The Pyre, Haunting Voices, the steady speed of Revealing The Darkness, and the ambitious groove of When Pain Becomes Real, perhaps the most catchy power metal number here. But you also have some nuances. There's the historical melodic metal anthem of Jeanne Boulet, the first victim of France's 18th century man-eating wolf, The Beast of Gevaudan. At the end, Brainstorm dials things back ever so slightly with acoustic guitar betwixt with heaviness within The Path. Suffice to say, with Midnight Ghost, Brainstorm continues to fly the flag of true heavy power metal and their fans should be pleased. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

With Midnight Ghost, Brainstorm once more continues to fly the flag of true heavy power metal and fans should be pleased. Recommended.

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