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Battleroar: Codex Epicus
Battleroar - Codex Epicus Music Review

Battleroar: Codex Epicus

Power Metal

After a four year absence, Greece's Battleroar has returned to the studio to deliver their fifth long player, Codex Epicus. The album arrives with two new members to the band, guitarist Michael Kontogiorgis and drummer Greg Vlachos. What has not changed is Battleroar's devotion to heavy power metal.

Battleroar Band Photo


The album title Codex Epicus gives you a clue to what lies within, a musical book of epic heavy and power metal. No surprise there from Battleroar. Essentially, the band begins with a wall of twin guitar riffage, adds a booming rhythm section and large choral vocal arrangements, and then follows up with massive and scorching guitar solos. It's a simple formula that works for Battleroar. For some nuances you'll find some doom metal references, dashes of acoustic guitar, and even some woodwinds, at least they sound like woodwinds within Enchanting Threnody.

For the songs, to convince you of what is to come, Battleroar opens the album with a large symphonic choral intro. We Shall Conquer follows as quintessential Battleroar, where the aforementioned formula is followed completely. It's much the same with Chronicles Of Night, which has a powerful drum and bass start, before rising with riffs and choral background vocals, and then ripping into some fiery solos. For songs with a slight doom metal nuance look to Palace Of The Martyrs and Sword Of The Flame. In the former, the effect is subtle, found underneath the riffage and rhythm. Within the latter, it's found in the pacing, acoustic guitar, and vocals. Yet the song opens up after the midpoint to a quicker pace and some furious guitar work. The album includes a bonus track, Stronghold, which appeared on last year's split with Omen. Essentially, Codex Epicus is everything you expect and more from Battleroar: epic melodic power metal. That's what they do. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Essentially, Codex Epicus is everything you expect and more from Battleroar: epic melodic power metal. That's what they do. Recommended.

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