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Mean Streak: Blind Faith
Mean Streak - Blind Faith CD Album Review

Mean Streak: Blind Faith

Traditional Heavy Metal

Hailing from Sweden, Mean Streak is one of the many modern flag bearers of classic "keep it true" heavy metal. After a four year absence from the studio, the band returns with their fourth album, Blind Faith, mixed by well-known producer Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, et al). With this recording, Mean Streak has been trimmed down to four-piece, with the exit of David Andersson. Vocalist Andy LaGuerin picks up his guitar duties.

Mean Streak Band Photo

Mean Streak

There's no quibbling about Mean Streak's sound. This is true classic heavy metal, drawing from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and tracing through to the Eighties. Mean Streak has the fundamentals of the genre perfected: twin guitar harmony in the riffage, stinging lead guitar solos, clean, melodic, and soaring metal vocals, and a vigorous and heavy rhythm that adds everything from power to speed to hard rock groove. These things are then wrapped up in essential heavy metal melody, mostly by the vocal arrangements in league with the guitar harmony. Essentially, these things make for the perfect heavy metal storm.

As for the album and songs, it's pretty much a heavy metal rush from the very start. Songs like Blood Red Sky, Retaliation Call, Tear Down The Walls, and Love Is A Killer are tunes with gallop, groove, shredding riffage, and blistering solos. Other songs like Come On Done and Caught In the Crossfire can dial things back in terms of pacing, if only for a little bit. What you won't find is any pussy ballads. Nope, only hard charging real heavy metal. If anything, Mean Streak and Blind Faith should be considered a guitar-centered band and album. If you like sharp riffage and ripping guitar solos, Mean Streak delivers the goods. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Once more, with Blind Faith, Mean Streak delivers classic, keep it true, heavy metal. They've become masters of their craft. Easily recommended.

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