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42 Decibel: Overloaded
42 Decibel - Overloaded CD Album Review

42 Decibel: Overloaded

Hard Rock

I think the United Nations needs to pass a new resolution that has a universal application: "As of this date there shall be no bands that want to or attempt to sound like AC/DC, ever, including cover bands." Yeah, I know, the UN is pathetic and useless. It would never work and AC/DC-like bands would continue to crawl out the woodwork every few months. Which brings us to the third album by Argentina's 42 Decibel, Overloaded, wherein they deliver more AC/DC-ish bluesy hard rock.

42 Decibel Band Photo

42 Decibel

There's not much more to add to that description. But for those who don't know 42 Decibel, here's some additional information. The band has nascent raw and unfiltered sound, essentially a stripped down, almost garage rock, sound. Vocalist Junior Figueroa tries to sound like Bon Scott, but merely sounds coarse and raw with his sing-speak style. Despite the AC/DC comparisons, 42 Decibel makes a fine attempt at delivering the same blues boogie sound. When they make it work, with some originality and creativity, the songs are pretty decent, especially when Billy Bob Riley drops in some slide guitar. Some the better songs are in the second half of the album with Half Face Dead, Lost Case (best song here), Cause Damage, and Double Itch Blues, though that last song is rather long. So there you have it. With AC/DC practically at death's door, if not on life support, you may find that 42 Decibel and Overloaded will scratch your blues-boogie itch. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

With AC/DC practically at death's door, 42 Decibel's Overloaded may scratch your blues-boogie itch.

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