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Vulgar Devils: Temptress Of The Dark
Vulgar Devils Temptress Of The Dark CD Album Review

Vulgar Devils: Temptress Of The Dark

Heavy Metal

The roots of Vulgar Devils go back more than 30 years to Cleveland's Destructor, a thrash power metal band which has had a recent revival. Both bands were formed by vocalist and guitarist Dave Overkill and, yup, that's his real last name. Just kidding. But now he goes by Vulgar Dave Overkill. Clever. He's joined by old Destructor pal Matt Flammable and, yes, that's his real name (I'm beating this to death) on drums. Erin Lung from Venomin James applies his bass guitar skills. They debut their first album, Temptress Of The Dark, on Germany's Pure Rock Records.

Vulgar Devils Band Photo

Vulgar Devils

The Vulgar Devils sound can best be characterized as classic heavy metal with a hard rock groove and, perhaps, a shot of punk rock attitude. The riffage is sharp and bracing, the leads flashing and flairing, the pace brisk throughout, and the rhythm section careening along at a galloping pace. Vulgar Dave has an assertive raspy voice, yet sings clean. Curiously, at times, his voice has the timbre of Paul Stanley. That, with the brevity, character, and pacing of the songs, makes Vulgar Devils sound like the bastard child of KISS and Motorhead. The production is solid as well: the mix and mastering bring out the strengths of all players and instruments, notably the Lung's bass lines.

As for the songs, you might describe them as either consistent or redundant, depending on your perspective. The aforementioned musical elements emerge in every song; especially prominent is the riffage and pacing, but also Overkill's fiery leads. This is racing and rocking, riff raging and guitar forward, heavy metal, with no pussy ballads I might add. Either the songs will sound all the same to you or you will simply understand Overkill's intentions, goals, and the Vulgar Devils sound. It's up to you. Otherwise, recommended.

Vulgar Devils - Temptress Of The Dark

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The Bottom Line

Vulgar Devils and their debut Temptress Of The Dark is racing and rocking, riff raging and guitar forward, heavy metal, with no pussy ballads I might add. Recommended.

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