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Thornbridge: What Will Prevail
Thornbridge - What Will Prevail CD Album Review

Thornbridge: What Will Prevail

Heavy/Power Metal

Power metal is definitely in the fiber of German culture. Maybe not as deeply embedded as brats and beer, but it's there beneath the surface in the heavy metal underground. Coming from Hasse and formed some eight years ago, Thornbridge rises to the surface to present their first long-player, What Will Prevail. The album contains all three songs from their 2012 demo: Galley of Horror, The Dragon's Reborn, and Neverwinter Nights.

Thornbridge Band Photo


Simply, Thornbridge plays old school power metal following long prevailing peers, from native Germany and elsewhere across Europe. Think Helloween, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Running Wild among others. Their metal is classic heavy metal combined with speed metal, with nominal symphonic notes. Quick guitar and bass lines are powered by thundering and galloping drums. For the guitar side, Thornbridge leans heavily on twin guitar harmony, then has one guitarist rip of some fine and fiery solos. Riffs and solos are in abundance here. Vocals also lend to the harmony, often melodic and choral like effect, a common standard of traditional power metal. Yet vocalist Jörg "Mo" Naneder has a bit of raw raspy presentation in his voice.

As for the songs, there's a symphonic opening, and then the songs essentially leap from the gate and rush head long to the end, excepting another symphonic segue in the middle, Symphony Of The Battlefield. Yup. You know it's power metal. Even when a song like What Will Prevail tries to trip you up by starting slower and heavier, it eventually turns into a race car. Neverwinter Nights is another song that doesn't begin with a gallop, but a softer introduction with lighter guitars, then gets appropriately riff, yet dials back on the speed ever so slightly. Mostly, everything here is pure and classic power metal. If that's your thing or you like any of the aforementioned bands, Thornbridge is easily recommended for you.

Thornbridge - What Will Prevail - live @ Titans Of Metal 4

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In Short

Within What Will Prevail, Thornbridge plays pure and classic power metal akin to Helloween, Gammaray, and Blind Guardian. If that's your thing, then, Thornbridge is easily recommended for you.

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