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The Silent Rage: The Deadliest Scourge
The Silent Rage The Deadliest Scourge CD Album Review

The Silent Rage: The Deadliest Scourge

Heavy/Power Metal

The Silent Rage is Greek metal band that has been around for ten years. Prior to the current album, the band released two EPs, done some touring, and shared the stage with metal heavyweights such as Rage, Grave Digger, Stratovarius, and Greek extreme metal legends Rotting Christ. They finally release their first full-length album, The Deadliest Scourge through Alone Records, also in Greece.

The Silent Rage Band Photo

The Silent Rage

Press material suggest that The Silent Rage plays "modern" power metal. Now, when I hear "modern" my expectation is that the music will be harsh, include hardcore, or dirty vocals. In the case of this band, it's the latter. But calling the vocals entirely dirty isn't quite fair. It's probably better to say that both Steve Venardo and Nikos Siglidi can be more aggressive in their vocals, closing in on growls. Thankfully it's not entirely pervasive across the album, but it is obvious and so makes it the one thing that drags the album down. Proselytize The Masses is a significant example, another Right To Dream. The odd thing in this discussion is the presence of the last song Shadow Spirit, which is blessed with a beautiful melodic vocal arrangement.

Alternatively, the music of The Deadliest Scourge is power metal, in the best sense of the genre: melodic, galloping, abounding in riffage, with an abundance of fiery guitar solos. Of these things, the gallop and pace powered by the staccato, probably double bass, drumming, is most notable and persuasive. After this, the guitars are quite assertive. The twin guitar riffage propels the music with as much intensity as the rhythm section. And if you're a guitar solo you'll enjoy Kostas Kriko traditional, sometimes neo-classical, style. Having said these things, I've hit the highlights, the best parts of The Silent Rage sound. But, otherwise, because of the assertive, potentially dirty, vocals, I can't say I will be spinning The Deadliest Scourge again, if ever. This single element didn't make the album all that appealing.

The Silent Rage - Proselytize The Masses

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The Bottom Line

With The Deadliest Scourge, The Silent Rage brings their version of "modern" power metal which means, within their generally traditional melodic power metal, they employ aggressive and dirty vocals. Which, in turn, means I have little interest and consider it a double barrel shotgun to the foot right from the start.

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