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The Mute Gods: Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
The Mute Gods Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me CD Album Review

The Mute Gods: Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

Melodic Progressive Rock

Here's a promising new act. The Mute Gods was created by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson, Lifesigns), in cooperation with Roger King (Steve Hackett) and Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani). They trio have a combined resume of work with many established acts across a wide range of genres. Notably the musicians have crossed paths through their collaborations with Steve Hackett and Steve Wilson.

The Mute Gods Band Photo

The Mute Gods

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, their first release, treads the familiar ground of well-crafted melodic progressive rock. It's also a curious thing. While listening I could not help to hear those artists for which the musicans play for: Hackett, Genesis, Wilson, and perhaps others in the same field. Alternatively, the title track kept reminding me of Dream Theater for some reason, perhaps the groove and weaving keyboards.

What I noticed, after these things, was an equally curious juxtaposition of lightness, even ethereal layers with heavier moments. You certainly hear this within Feed The Troll and Your Dark Ideas. In something such as Praying To A Mute God, the lighter texture consumes nearly half of the song. Then, past the midpoint, things get livilier, even somewhat cacophonous around the later three minutes. Alternatively, songs like Strange Relationships and Swimming Horses seem to be built upon and carried by the vocal arrangements. If not these things, then the lighter guitars, Beggs' stick, and subtle keyboards.

And another impression. Underneath all this there's something else, something emotional expressed in the music. Something sublime and patient, thoughtful and deliberate. Perhaps this comes from the lyrical themes churning within. As Beggs describes, they explore the dark clouds governments, corporations, media, and religious institutions form atop society ... how we're driven to distraction by these forces, taking our focus away from important issues and meaningful personal priorities. That's some heady stuff, and so it fit with The Mute Gods creative approach.

Honestly, however, as much as I was intrigued and entertained by Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, the album doesn't necessarily lend itself to be something you would listen to over and over again. It's not, in the most pedestrian and colloquial sense, all that accessible. Maybe that's why it's prog. Nevertheless, easily recommended.

The Mute Gods - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

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In Short

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me is an ambitious effort from multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist Nick Beggs and friends. Challenging progressive rock melded with equally intriguing lyrical themes.

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