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Savior From Anger: Temple Of Judgment
Savior From Anger Temple Of Judgment CD Album Review

Savior From Anger: Temple Of Judgment

Heavy/Power Metal

Not sure where founder and guitarist Mark Ryal came up with the name for his metal band Savior From Anger. It seems an odd name, and makes you wonder if it means something when translated in his native Italian. Nevertheless the band returns with its fourth album, Temple Of Judgment, which includes, excepting Ryal, a complete personnel change. Notable is journeyman vocalist Bob Mitchel who has been in more than a few bands (ex-Wycked Synn, Mind Assassin, ex-Alchemy X, ex-Attacker, ex-Sleepy Hollow, et al).

Savior From Anger Temple Of Judgment Band Photo

Savior From Anger

If you're familiar with Savior From Anger, they require little explanation as to their chosen metal genre. Being my first spin with band, and maybe for other, it's best to define the same. Essentially, Savior From Anger plays "keep it true" heavy power metal. The label says that it's more akin to US power metal, but I've never got the distinction, if compared to European power metal. Perhaps the absence of keyboards. Breaking their sound down a little more, most everything revolves around Ryal's guitar work, assertive and sharp riffage, which in turn is punctuated and accented by an abundance of fiery guitar solos.

The rhythm section basically exists to power things along. Most every song is galloping and full throttle. Mitchel sings in a clean heavy metal steal, combining equal parts rasp, gruffness, and screamo. I found him somewhat redundant in his voice and presentation, and then eventually simply tiring. He sounded like he was yelling at me the entire time. Now, doing the reserve and putting all these parts back together, what was said for Mitchel's vocals could be said of their album. It pretty much sounds the same from start to finish, a rush of guitar-forward power metal. The only exception among the songs is Starlight, something a metal ballad, a bit tedious at that.

But, if you like any of the elements I've described and can endure your fill of Mitchel's vocals, you will probably have some in interest in Savior From Anger's Temple Of Judgment. Listen below and decide for yourself. Me, I'll pass this time around.

Savior From Anger - Thunderclouds

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In Short

Essentially, for Temple Of Judgment Savior From Anger plays keep it true heavy power metal, very guitar-forward with assertive sharp riffage, then accented with lots of fiery solos.

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