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Robert Pehrsson: Long Way To The Light
Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker Long Way To The Light CD Album Review

Robert Pehrsson: Long Way To The Light

Classic Hard Rock

It still mystifies me. How do you go from starting your musical career in death and extreme metal to playing, essentially, throwback old school classic rock? Apparently that's what happened to Swedish guitarist Robert Pehrsson. From Deathwitch to Death Breath to Imperial State Electric to today's Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker (named after the double coil guitar pick up, but you knew that). He returns with his second album Long Way To The Light.

Robert Pehrsson Photo

Robert Pehrsson

So what we have here with Long Way To The Light is basic and classic guitar rock. Nearly vintage in sound, Pehrsson reminds of Seventies era rock, something akin to Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy, yet probably it bit more spry and sharp in the guitar lines. Additionally the album sounds stripped down with little modern production nuances present. The guitar lines come through foremost, possibly followed by Pehrsson's vocals, and then the rhythm section. Yet, at the same time Pehrsson's voice seems muted. His songs evolve from his riffage until he leans into his solos. Yet the arrangements are wrapped in melody, harmony, and abundance of groove. I said he sounded spry. The songs have almost pop-music feeling. It's not surprising Pehrsson's composes songs that clock at three minutes or less. Traveling Through The Nigh, at more than five minutes, sounds more like long distance run, rather than the sprints of the other eight songs.

As for a sampling of the tunes, some of songs have latent blues feeling within like Send Her My Love and Distant Bound. Then No I Don't has some real bounce, noticeable in the bass line, like subtle funk, yet not. The Somber Sleeps turns on heavier riffs and a deeper bottom end as it reaches a tight guitar solo. The closest thing to something being more smooth or laid back comes with Zero Emotion, but that's only at the start. The riffs quickly get large and sharp, and then the solo arrives. I told you this classic "guitar" rock.

While all this is well and good, there nothing all that memorable to Long Way To The Light, no songs really stood out or popped for me. After awhile, it all began to run together and seem repetitive to me. Nevertheless, there's little doubt of Robert Pehrsson's talent as a guitar player and songwriter. Long Way To The Light is another fine accomplishment for him.

Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker - Send Her My Love

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The Bottom Line

There's little doubt of Robert Pehrsson's talent as a guitar player and songwriter. Long Way To The Light is another fine accomplishment for him.

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