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Iron Savior: Titancraft
Iron Savior Titancraft CD Album Review

Iron Savior: Titancraft

Heavy/Power Metal

Titancraft is an appropriated title for Iron Savior's ninth studio album as they are titans of classic German and Teutonic power metal. The band, lead by founder, guitarist and vocalist Piet Sielck, has been storming the lands of the European theater for better than 20 years.

Iron Savior Titancraft Band Photo

Iron Savior

You'd think after some many years, Iron Savior would have their chosen genre nailed down, and you'd be right. Drawing from classic power metal history and NWoBHM influences, the band puts forth guitar-driven, riff roaring, and galloping heavy metal. Toss in some strong assertive vocals, including gang vocals, significant rock groove from the rhythm section,and blistering solos, Iron Savior by definition plays "keep it true" heavy metal in it's best form. Say what you will about the power metal genre, love it or hate it, Iron Savior has always been and always will be the real deal.

Having made that last statement, what you find within Titancraft is typical Iron Savior. That's not a negative or a bad thing. If they started playing some AOR rock or went symphonic with some female lead singer, you'd probably want to kick the members of the band in their collective nuts. And they would deserve it. So, if like what they've been doing the last few albums, this is the same same. Then it's all hard charging power metal with one exception. You get a metal anthem with I Surrender and it sounds like a love song. Maybe not. What? Bring back the battle hymns of The Way Of The Blade and dangerous The Sun Won't Rise In Hell. No worries. It's all good, metalheads. Up the irons! Hail metal!

Iron Savior - The Way Of The Blade

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The Bottom Line

No worries. It's all good, metalheads. Germany's Iron Savior delivers another hard-charging album of classic "keep it true" power metal. Up the irons! Hail metal!

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