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Inlegend: Goliath's End EP
Inlegend Goliath's End EP CD Album Review

Inlegend: Goliath's End EP

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

It appears when recording material for last year's Stones At Goliath, Inlegend had an abundance of songs to consider. Some didn't make the cut. But here they are on Goliath's End, a six song EP.

Inlegend Goliath's End EP Band Photo


As before, two things define Inlegend, the piano driven compositions and the vocal arrangements. Piano forms the core, informs the melodies and harmonies, of every Inlegend song. Sometimes is more present, more forward in a song. Examples would include Arabesque, Maybe, and Wide Awake. The latter two having a more orchestral and symphonic feel. Alternatively, yet similar, is No More Weddings where the piano's lively presence directs the beat as much as it informs the melody. The arrangement in some sense reminds me of something Billy Joel might have played with back in the day. Overall, excepting Waifs 'n Strays and No More Weddings, the songs are more low key than the previous album.

As for the vocal arrangements, Bastian Emig has a pleasant, melodic, and clean vocal style with some variance to his presentation. He definitely embraces and lifts the melody and harmony of the piano arrangement. Conversely, because he's not singing in his native language, but English, Emig is difficult to understand. Yet this is the same issue I had with the previous album. Nevertheless, his vocals do detract from the music, which is the best feature of the Inlegend sound. Piano and melodic hard rock and metal. Its fine combination, and makes Inlegend's Goliath's End an entertaining listen. Recommended.

Inlegend - Waifs 'N Strays

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In Short

Piano and melodic hard rock and metal. Its fine combination, and makes Inlegend's Goliath's End an entertaining listen.

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