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Ichabod Krane: Beyond Eternity
Ichabod Krane Beyond Eternity CD Album Review

Ichabod Krane: Beyond Eternity

Traditional Heavy Metal

Rising once more from the American heavy metal underground, and putting a twist on the Washington Irving character, is Ichabod Krane with their second album, Beyond Eternity. The album welcomes new drummer Rob Brug and introduces Lisa Hurt on keyboards and backing vocals.

Ichabod Krane Band Photo

Ichabod Krane

First thing to say is there's nothing new here. By which I mean, Ichabod Krane plays old school traditional heavy/power metal with no apologies. They invoke influences from Crimson Glory to DIO to Judas Priest. Unlike some of their forbearers or peers, Krane does not apply a twin guitar attack. Yet Rick Craig delivers some devastating riffage and rips off some monster leads. The rhythm section is tight and pummeling, keeping the tempo at its often brisk pace. As for the vocals, Jeff Schlinz is in his usual form, singing clean with some melody, but also often getting screamo. I found it interesting that the tone of Craig's guitar solos often mimicked the timbre of Schlinz' voice. Now here's the curious thing. As for Hurt's keyboards and backing vocals, both seem absent from most of the album. The exception is the metal ballad Why So Sad.

In somewhat of a nutshell, that tells the tale of Ichabod Krane and Beyond Eternity. If you liked their previous album, you will like this one as well. If you like classic and traditional heavy metal, the American side of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, you will like this album. Yet, I can't leave without mentioning one song, Bring It Down, where it is more than obvious that Ichabod Krane lifted the riffage from UFO's Rock Bottom. It is so familiar, I actually thought they were about to cover the song, but not so. Things that make you go, Hmmm.

Ichabod Krane - Black World

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The Bottom Line

If you like classic and traditional heavy metal, the American side of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, you will like Ichabod Krane and Beyond Eternity.

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