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Gloryful: The End Of The Night
Gloryful End Of The Night CD Album Review

Gloryful: End Of The Night

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Germany's Gloryful returns with their third long player, End Of The Night, which brings both change and consistency. First, they've added a new second guitarist with Adrian Weiss (Forces At Work). Second, the continue the legend of Sedna (goddess of the Inuit). "Cpt. McGuerkin has risen from his tomb on the bottom of the ocean. He's now called King Guerkin and leads his faithful and revengeful crew into the next battle."

Gloryful The End Of The Night Band Photo


Third, and as expected, Gloryful delivers their "keep it true" melodic power metal with consistency and aplomb. There's no fiddling with the fundamentals, no adding something modern or novel. Twin guitar harmony in the riffage is powered the bristling and galloping rhythm section. These things are embellished by a touch of synth orchestration at times. All these things are spiced by an abundance of twin guitar leads, frisky and soaring. Vocalist Johnny La Bomba adds his clean and melodic vocals, yet with an obvious amount of raw assertiveness in some songs, This Means War, for example.

Yet not everything is a rush of power metal. Gloryful taps into their symphonic and folk muse with the title cut. Something like Heart Of Evil dials back a bit on the pacing, at times sounding like a marching anthem, marshal music. But even this song delivers the speed for the guitar solos in the latter half. Otherwise, there's some real raging, brisk, tunes here like The Glorriors, On Fire, and This Means War. But all this is natural as breathing to these power metal warriors, which makes both Gloryful and End Of The Night another flying flag of "keep it true" heavy metal.

Gloryful - This Means War

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The Bottom Line

As natural as breathing to these power metal warriors, Gloryful's End Of The Night is another flying flag of "keep it true" heavy metal.

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