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Feanor: We Are Heavy Metal
Feanor We Are Heavy Metal Hall CD Album Review

Feanor: We Are Heavy Metal

Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from Argentina, Feanor comes bearing the gift of traditional "keep it true" heavy metal with their third long-player, We Are Heavy Metal, the first in nearly six years. As some may recognize, Feanor takes their name from the fictional character in Tolkein's wonderful epic The Simarillion. Feanor is best known as the creator of three gems, the Silmarils, which figure prominently in story (Wikipedia).

Feanor Band Photo


And apparently somebody in Feanor has been reading his dog-eared copy of The Simarillion as there are at least three songs referencing two characters and one event. With links to related Internet articles, these are Eol The Dark, Earendil The Sailor, and Dagor-nuin-Giliath. Additionally, Feanor considers another majestic tale in The Epic Of Gilgamish, the Akkadian poem about the demi-god. So there you have sword and sorcery, fantasy and fiction. If that doesn't scream true metal, then the music will. Also, the song is signature heavy power metal, quick-paced and bristling with large riffs and leads.

Though I gave it away at the start, Feanor renders authentic classic heavy metal with all the proper elements. Bold, brisk riffage. Roaring and soaring guitar solos. A steady, heavy as needed, rhythm section. Clean melodic vocals. Although on the title track, it sure sounds like some death vocals are in play, which kind of negates the meaning of We Are Heavy Metal. But what else does a "true metal" band do but write a self-promoting ode to heavy metal. You betcha.

But it's not all galloping power metal. There's an interesting segue in Water Gardens with some large classical piano. And Dagor-nuin-Giliath has an expansive acoustic guitar start, invoking images of folk metal, before developing into a sprawling metal epic. Similar is White and Blue, something more light at the star with voice over acoustic guitar in the first half. Then large riffs and a blazing guitar solo rise in the second half, before concluding with more acoustic guitar.

Feanor gets some help on this album to make themselves even more true metal warriors. Manowar founder Ross The Boss and former guitar David Shankle guest with lead guitar solos on four and two songs. respectively. Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin lends his voice to Crying Games. Indeed, with We Are Heavy Metal, Argentina's Feanor boldly flies the flag of classic "keep it true" heavy metal. Easily recommended.

Feanor - We Are Heavy Metal

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The Bottom Line

Indeed, with We Are Heavy Metal, Argentina's Feanor boldly flies the flag of classic "keep it true" heavy metal. Easily recommended.

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