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DGM: The Passage
DGM The Passage CD Album Review

DGM: The Passage

Progressive Power Metal

While formed in 1994, this year's ninth album, The Passage finds Italy's DGM celebrating 20 years of recording history. Moreover, despite not having the founding "DGM" members, the band has had a stable line up for the last nine years, beginning with the addition of vocalist Mark Basile.

DGM The Passage Band Photo


But of more importance, DGM has been putting out consistent and creative albums of melodic and progressive power metal. The Passage is no different, and I immediately noticed several things after a spin or two. DGM easily blends twin guitar riff heaviness with abundant harmony. Yet what makes this a real guitar forward album, beyond the power riffage, is the abundance of bold guitar solos. Also adding to this power and heaviness is a thick and sturdy bottom end. The rhythm section is firing on all pistons whether by steadiness or speed. And there's a whole lot of that. What you need to be quick to catch is the subtle rock groove that informs many songs. With all this surging power it's a wonder that Basile survives the near crushing onslaught, but he does staying above the music. Conversely, maybe he should be thanking the guy who did the mixing and mastering. Fundamentally, there's nothing really subtle about The Passage. It's heavy and bombastic, basically in your face and pummeling your ears heavy metal. You can find some more gentle moments like the breakdown for guitar and keyboard solo within the title track. Then there's the piano and vocal driven Disguise to give you a respite from the roaring power metal. And the album closes with gentle In Sorrow, a nice mixture of vocal harmony, acoustic guitar, and light symphonic synths. After these things, buckle up because the power metal comes with break neck speed and brain melting thunder. If liked DGM in the past, you will enjoy The Passage: it's spot on heavy and blazing, progressive power metal.

BTW: Thomas Englund of Evergrey performs on Ghosts of Insanity, and Michael Romero provides lead guitar for Dogma.

DGM - Ghost of Insanity feat. Tom Englund of Evergrey

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The Bottom Line

If liked DGM in the past, you will enjoy The Passage: it's spot on heavy and blazing, progressive power metal.

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