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Dark Forest: Beyond The Veil
Dark Forest Beyond The Veil CD Album Review

Dark Forest: Beyond The Veil

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Consistency and creativity are usually the strengths that motivate most any band. That, and the dogged determination to stick to your guns, play the music you like. With their fourth album, Beyond The Veil, England's Dark Forest goes from strength to strength.

Dark Forest Beyond The Veil Band Photo

Dark Forest

In light of this, several things can be documented at the start. Dark Forest keeps flag of "keep it true" New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) flying high with their twin guitar driven, often speedy, melodic heavy metal. Additionally, those subtle undertones of folk and medieval influences still permeate their heavy metal arrangements. These in turn reinforce the medieval lore that fills their lyrics. This triumvirate of elements has driven the band's music for several years, keeping them, as we mentioned at the start, consistent and creative.

While these things summarize Dark Forest's heavy metal approach, a mention of a few songs for illustration is helpful. First, there's combination of Lunantishee and The Wild Hunt. The former develops those medieval folk elements in a short acoustic fashion. The latter blisters with speedy power metal at the start, with guitar licks flying, only to breakdown for more acoustic mellowness. But the 'hunt' is on with a return to more steady twin guitar rhythm, riffs, and leads to finish. Second, another combination comes with Ellylldan and The Lore of the Land. Another short acoustic folk melody turns into a 14 minute epic. Also beginning with acoustic softness, the song flairs quickly into a riff abundant powerhouse where steadiness and speed take turns propelling the song. Again twin guitar riffs, rhythm, and leads embolden the entire arrangement. Finally, for some real folkish heavy metal, sans any acoustic subtly, there's the instrumental Men-An-Tol, a song inspired by the historic "hole stone" in Cornwall and the mythology that surrounds it. (A fairy guards the hole yet also provides miraculous cures.) So there's a small taste of the album. Suffice to say, Dark Forest is once more spot on target with their medieval and folk inspired classic melodic heavy metal. Be warned, however, as the album is rather long at 70 some minutes. Easily recommended.

Dark Forest - The Undying Flame

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The Bottom Line

Suffice to say, with Beyond The Veil, Dark Forest is once more spot on target with their medieval and folk inspired classic melodic heavy metal. Easily recommended.

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