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Whyzdom: Symphony For A Hopeless God
Whyzdom - Symphony For A Hopeless God CD Album Review

Whyzdom: Symphony For A Hopeless God

Symphonic Power Metal

Now for something completely bombastic and outrageous, but not so different. Here's more symphonic power metal from France's Whyzdom and their new album Symphony For A Hopeless God. It appears founder, guitarist, and composer Vynce Leff and band simply pushed repeat in the recording studio.

Whyzdom Band Photo


You can put Whyzdom and this album in the same category as the latest from Illuminata. Actually, I could just push repeat, change the names, and just use that review to describe this work. Probably not a good idea. Yet not unlike Illuminata, Whyzdom is like Nightwish just with more power metal. Plainly and fairly, the band has all the necessary elements for the genre: a huge orchestrated symphonic canvas, big riffs, large guitar solos, bristling rhytym section and, of course, some operatic chick who you can't really understand ninety percent of the time (whether because of her singing or being overwhelmed by the music).

Yet, Symphony For A Hopeless God is a grand and ambitious affair, an hour and more of lavish symphonic metal ear candy. If Whyzdom doesn't impress you with their gargantuan compositions and fluid musicianships, they'll simply subdue you with their bombastic symphonic lightning and thunder. Your ears will bleed and your brain turned to mush.

The result is that fans of the band and the genre will go ape shit crazy for this album, and I wouldn't blame them. Alternatively, maybe we should gather Whyzdom, Nightwish, Illuminata, Epica, Within Temptation and others and have a symphonic metal Royal Rumble of sorts. Let them duke it out. When the dust settles, we'll discover the undisputed genre champion. Whyzdom would be a safe bet. Best picks: Let's Play With Fire, Theory of Life, The Mask and, for shear over-the-top symphonic craziness, Asylum of Eden.

WHYZDOM - While The Witches Burn - Album Symphony For A Hopeless God - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Whyzdom's Symphony For A Hopeless God is simply more of the same: more outrageous, bombastic, and overwhelming symphonic power metal. Prepare to have your eardrums crushed by orchestration.

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