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Visigoth: The Revenant King
Visigoth - The Revenant King CD Album Review

Visigoth: The Revenant King

(Traditional) Heavy/Power Metal

Twenty-five years ago traditional heavy metal was forced underground, especially here in America. Overseas, it also fell off the radar, but still had momentum. Because of this, you're likely to hear more of European bands continuing and emerging. Here in the States, no so much. Nevertheless, those bands are here, festering underneath society and uniting true metal headbangers in small clubs from LA to NYC.

Visigoth Band Photo


Enter Visigoth, from the unlikely place of Salt Lake City the citadel of Mormonism, five brave dudes offering traditional heavy metal in the southwest of America. And they're pretty darn good at, too. Audio visions of giants like Iron Maiden will come to mind, but also significant players like Europe's Darking or Elm Street; on the American side, Virgin Steele and Manilla Road. Visigoth does a cover of the latter band's song, Necropolis, and Facebook scuttlebutt has Manilla Road showing appreciation.

Musically, then, it's the fusion of steady classic melodic heavy metal, with some swiftness of speed metal and small smattering of doom metal. Visigoth presents this with heavy, steady, and when necessary, galloping rhythm section, blistering twin guitars, and strong, clean, vocals from Jake Rogers. His passion is powerful, singing like it's the last time "true" metal will be heard in the States. True to form, he's backed up by those old school gang vocals from his compadres. Being core heavy metal brats, Visigoth's lyrical themes explore the usual themes of fantasy, mystery, and warfare. More than small overtones to the fellowship of heavy metal come with a song like Iron Brotherhood.

Many songs seek and epic feel, notably the title cut in it's various parts, but also Blood Sacrifice, which has the pleasant melodic vocal arrangement in the latter third. Yet, this is something characteristic to Visigoth, they'll begin with this heavy metal fusion, only to offer amazing melodic breakdowns. Another shortly after the midpoint of Iron Brotherhood. The song is also an example of the gang vocals, almost sounding choral. That aforementioned doom metal aspect comes alive at the end Mammoth Rider, totally thumping and plodding as ancient beast would do. Returning to that epic motif, the closing number, with it's mysterious title, From the Arcane Mists of Prophecy, is nearly ten minutes heavy metal bliss. Moments of quiet, other passages race along, mountains of guitar, and another slight dose of that doom side.

Hey, it's all good. Screw the modern heavy metal posers. Visigoth is the real deal, "true' classic heavy metal in it's highest form. Dig it. Buy it. Quite recommended.

Visigoth - Dungeon Master - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Visigoth is the real deal. The Revenant King is "true' classic heavy metal in it's highest form. Dig it. Buy it. Quite recommended.

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