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Thunderheart: Night of the Warriors
Thunderheart - Night of the Warriors CD Album Review

Thunderheart: Night of the Warriors

Heavy Metal

Thunderheart hails from Spain, born out of several successful metal bands including Calibre Zero,Steel Horse, and Wild. The band offers a trio of musicians with Willy Gascon on guitars, Ricardo Lázaro on drums, and vocalist Javier Pastor.

Thunderheart Photo


For their sound the band reaches into classic heavy metal and hard rock, stuff born in the Eighties and earlier. You'll hear the sound and vigor of everything from Accept to Priest, Maiden to Scorpions, but without sounding like a copy of any of those significant bands. At the core of their tunes are strong riffs which are melodic, harmonious, and catchy. This is supported by a strong rhythm section with steady groove. The vocals can be somewhat suspect. Pastor sings clean, with a strong presence, but he's not all that clear or articulate. This is likely due to not singing in his native language. He's backed up many times by gang vocals, a staple of traditional heavy metal.

The result is that across this album I was much more impressed with the music, particularing Gascon's guitar work. On most every song you can expect his riffs to lead the way with notable focus, only to allow his leads explode in the latter half of the song. As alluded to earlier, Lazaro's drumming seem to both support and echo the guitar riffs in a rather uncommon, but special, bond. Despite reservations about the vocals, this duo is the glue that holds the band together and allows for some entertaining melodic heavy metal. Top picks: Show Them Our Fire, Rise Or Fall, I'll Always Be There For You, and Concrete Jungle. Recommended.

Thunderheart - Rise Or Fall

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In Short

Revisiting classic melodic hard rock and heavy metal from the Eighties, Thunderheart delivers the same from strong guitar work supported by exceptional drumming.

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