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Peterik/Scherer: Risk Everything
Peterik Scherer - Risk Everything CD Album Review

Peterik/Scherer: Risk Everything

AOR Melodic Rock

Survivor founder and Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jim Peterik has an ear for great vocalists. He "discovered" Marc Scherer, a master jeweler by profession, when he was recording vocals for his group in Peterik's studio. While working on songs for the Pride of Lions' album Immortal he tapped Scherer for the demos, which then lead to him doing background vocals for PoL vocalist Toby Hitchcock. Since then, Peterik has wanted to craft songs and an album to showcase Scherer's vocals. The result is Risk Everything under the names of both artists.

Peterik Scherer Risk Everything Band Photo

Marc Scherer and Jim Peterik

There's little doubt, Scherer has a powerful and melodic voice, a full five octave range. He can belt it out or bring it down to a whisper. And his voice is in the proper context. Peterik has crafts traditional AOR melodic rock songs: lots melody, harmony and groove with catchy refrains and vibrant guitar solos. Considering his nearly inexhaustible experience, sounds from Survivor to Toto to Journey, among others, come to mind. Properly, not only do his commanding presence, the production keeps Scherer in front of the music; it's there to support and carry him along. And it sounds pretty fandamntastic too.

You got rockers in Brand New Heart, Your Independence Day, Risk Everything, and Cold Blooded which groove along with enthusiasm. You have a few songs that blur the line between anthem and ballad with Desperate In Love and The Crescendo. A song like Broken Home seems more somber and emotional. But then there's How Long Is A Moment, a true ballad, that starts out sounding suspiciously like Journey's Open Arms. It's a good mix of tunes. Peterik is there to add vocals and his share of strong guitar solos. Overall, and what else would you expect from Peterik, this is top notch, top quality, AOR melodic rock ear candy. Recommended.

Peterik & Scherer - Cold Blooded (Official)

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In Short

Overall, and what else would you expect from Peterik, Risk Everything is top notch, top quality, AOR melodic rock ear candy. Recommended.

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