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Lethal Saint: WWIII
Lethal Saint - WWIII CD Album Review

Lethal Saint: WWIII

Heavy Metal

From the small island of Cyprus, which has a viable underground metal, comes Lethal Saint with their second album, WWIII, now own Germany's Pure Steel Records. That connection in itself is promising for the band, with the likelihood of greater recognition and distribution for them.

Lethal Saint WWIII Band Photo

Lethal Saint

Yet, while that is all good news, it seems something has changed with the band, or maybe I didn't notice it the first time around. The lead vocals of Andreas Pouyioukkas seem to have degraded on this album. He sounds less melodic, more screamo and raw. And, if it's him, adding some growling dirty vocals. You hear these almost immediately within Merciless Decay. Basically, it's an immediate grimace from this listener. Later, while delivering his most even melodic singing, they dirty vocals return in Ascend To Power.

Thankfully, Lethal Saint still sticks to their classic heavy metal guns, rumbling along once more like it's 1983. Strong and sharp riffs and twin guitar harmonies are abundant. Shots of speed from a lively rhythm section give many songs the taste of speed power metal. After these things, you get a truckload of great guitar solos, the hallmark and strength of any trad heavy metal worth it's respect. So I liked the music more than the vocals. That's not a new thing, and Pouyioukkas still seems suited for Lethal Saint's style. But I can honestly say this time around I found them to be a distraction. Others may feel differently.

Lethal Saint - Ascend To Power

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In Short

With their second effort WWIII, Lethal Saint sticks to their traditional heavy metal guns, a genre they know and play well, only the vocals were more of a distraction this time around.

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