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Diviner: Fallen Empires
Diviner Fallen Empires CD Album Review

Diviner: Fallen Empires

Heavy/Power Metal

Alright. Diviner is a new band in the heavy metal universe. Coming from Athens Greece, and formed by friends, vocalist Yiannis Papanikolaou and guitarist Thimios Krikos, the band appears with their first album, Fallen Empires, already signed to Ulterium Records.

Diviner Fallen Empires Band Photo

Diviner Fallen

So in a nutshell, here's what you need to know: if you like traditional European heavy power metal, you are going to like everything about Diviner. Essentially, the band draws from classic heavy metal and brings it forward to the 21st century. It's twin guitars over a mostly galloping rhythm section, wrapped in melody and harmony, driven by necessary rock groove, and vocals delivered by clean harmonious singing. However, Papanikolaou has a bit of rough sound, but mostly it adds a certain emotion and determination to his voice.

Of all these things, after a spin or two, several elements stood out. One is the abundance of groove. This is some toe-tapping and headbanging rock-infused heavy metal. Another feature is the guitar work. Whether by riffs or leads, the guitars provide an abundance of harmony, carry the melody, and simply lead the album. Following this then is also the plain fact: if you like well-crafted riffage and smokin' guitar solos, Diviner delivers in spades. An excellent reason to check this album out.

Alternatively, another thing you'll notice is that it's the same power metal from start to finish. Sure Evilizer can sound somewhat more intense and heavier. Sacred War has a brief light guitar start before busting out into power metal. And Out In The Abyss seems a touch toward progressive power metal, maybe even with some thrash mixed. But generally Diviner doesn't vary much in their style. That's not a bad thing by any means, and those aforementioned elements do make a difference. It's just the nature of power metal to be redundant sometimes. Otherwise, Diviner's Fallen Empires is a fine start, classic melodic power metal done quite well. Recommended.

Diviner - Come Into My Glory

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In Short

While not adding some new to the power metal equation, Diviner's Fallen Empires is a fine start, classic melodic power metal done quite well. Recommended.

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