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Temperance: Temperance
Temperance 2014 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Temperance: Temperance

FFM Heavy/Power Metal

I think there's a factory somewhere. There's a secret factory hidden in the mountains of Europe where clandestine operatives crank out a new female-fronted metal band several times a month. Push a few buttons, pull a couple of levers and, viola, the band emerges in its pristine form. Do you want an operatic gal? Press this button. Do want keyboards? Pull this lever. Do want gnarly death vocals? Pull lever 13.

Temperance Band Photo

Temperance: look cold.

This time, from Italy (where the machine quite possibly could be), it's Temperance declaring, according to their press materials, that they are 'not just another female-fronted metal band.' Well, that's hardly a surprising pronouncement from any band. The band is made up of members with some experience in metal from bands Secret Sphere, Bejelit and HateTyler; although press materials are bit shadowy on who's from what band.

As for the Temperance sound, it leans more towards melodic heavy/power metal than symphonic metal often associated with the FFM genre. It's not that the element isn't there. You can find it within Deja Vu or Breathe for instance; it's merely lessened. Mostly the bombastic character of Temperance comes not from orchestrated synth, but the twin guitar barrage of riffage. The keyboards range from traditional straight forward piano development to the warble and wiggle of electronica, bumbling about in the background as within To Be With You. Chiara Tricarico voice has a range as well, from traditional rock/metal vocals to the operatic side, although she steers more towards the former (which is a nice change from what one usually gets in this genre).

Somebody did pull the death vocals lever. Within several songs, Hero, Tell Me, To Be With You, and others, one lucky male band member gets to have his nuts crushed in a vice for those gruff and annoying death vocals. Alternatively, there's a fellow singing clean in duet with Ms. Tricarico on other songs. With Stronger it's more a heavy ballad. With Relentlessly, as the name suggests, it's a more driving and thundering, metal song. Fundamentally, Temperance is another female-fronted band, just one not taking the symphonic power metal course, and that's a good thing. Conversely, they have the death metal vocals which is hardly novel. Yuk. If FFM bands are your thing, you should check out Temperance. It might be worth your time.

Temperance - Breathe (Official Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Temperance is another female-fronted heavy/power metal, just one not going the straight symphonic route, although it's there.

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