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Supernal Endgame: Touch The Sky Volume 2
Supernal Endgame Touch The Sky Volume 2 CD Album Review

Supernal Endgame: Touch The Sky Vol. 2

Melodic Progressive Rock

Ditto, or what I said about their first album, Touch The Sky. I said of that album, it's 'one of those magical and entertaining works that you wish you could discover on a regular basis.' While we've waited nearly four years, not exactly a 'regular' basis, we do get to experience another fine melodic progressive rock excursion from Texas' Supernal Endgame with Touch The Sky Volume Two.

Supernal Endgame Touch The Sky Volume 2 Photo

Supernal Endgame: don't call us old.

With little doubt, creativity, compositional skills, and musicianship are hallmarks of Supernal Endgame as a band. For their brand of melodic progressive rock, you might think a mixture of Ambrosia, maybe some Kansas, definitely Flower Kings and Neal Morse. Actually, thanks to their emphasis upon Christian faith and spirituality in their lyrics (vocalist and drummer Rob Price is a Methodist pastor), they remind much of Neal Morse's most recent material of the last decade and a half. But don't let that spook you. This is prog rock of the highest order without being preachy. Again, much like Neal Morse. Perhaps the strongest faith-based song comes with Again and Again, where the lyricist is finding himself trusting in Christ Jesus again and again.

Otherwise, Supernal's prog is dense with keyboards providing everything from atmosphere to nuanced flourishes to full solos. It would be easy for some to find this element to be the heart of their music. But that would be to the neglect of some very fine guitar work which ranges from clear rock groove to spry fusion. Sometimes both elements play off one another as within the latter half of White Flag. Yet, if you listen carefully that interplay comes with bass, drums, and violin as well. The violin performance is a bonus as well. In the opening instrumental it may sound like something out of a Kansas song; within Immutable, something of celtic or folk flavor; or within S.O.S. or Endgame nearing early Ambrosia. Throughout Price and multi-instrumentalist John Eargle offer vocal arrangements that are emotional as they are uniquely melodic. As a final note, Volume 2 is an expansive album, deep in breadth and depth and so quite long, nearly 75 minutes with three songs over 11 minutes each. Prepare to settle and enjoy; it will be worth your time. As with the previous album, Touch The Sky Volume Two is quite recommended.

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In Short

Supernal Endgame's Touch The Sky Volume Two is classic melodic progressive rock of the highest order, and quite recommended.

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