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Scream Maker: Livin' In The Past
Scream Maker Livin' In The Past CD Album Review

Scream Maker: Livin' In The Past

Heavy Metal

Livin' In The Past is not only the title to Scream Maker's latest album, but also a clue to their type of music. Hailing from Poland via the Eighties, Scream Maker delivers traditional heavy metal calling bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, DIO, and Savatage their influences. Even their art work has an Eighties vibe coming from Roslaw Szaybo creator Judas Priest's Stained Class art work, among others.

Scream Maker Livin' In The Past Band Photo

Scream Maker:: holding up the wall.

And perhaps this is where comparisons should end or maybe continue. Scream Maker might be considered a tad heavier than some of those early peers. They certainly don't always have the rock groove that Priest was able to inject into their metal, although you might hear some it within Angel. Most songs offer a moderate tempo, but Glory for the Fools and Metalheads, by example, ramp it up for more speed or power metal.

The latter song has some sharp riffs and dandy guitar solos, yet this is one of better parts of Scream Maker across this album. The twin guitar development creates a solid wall of razor-like riffage which, in turn, prompts some feisty guitar solos. Vocalist Sebastian Stodolak sings clean, having perhaps some timbre of a Halford-Dickinson hybrid. Many times his voice goes into a sharp screamo mode which fits that aforementioned sharpness of the riffage. And these two things, the sharp tone of the music and vocals, are likely the only things one might remember from Livin' In The Past, as the songs themselves are generally average and quickly forgotten. Although, I must say I did enjoy the aforementioned Metalheads, which seemed to have more variation in it's arrangement. (This is probably found elsewhere in other songs, but the shattering riffage and sharp vocals become a distraction.) My conclusion is possibly more towards ambivalence than interest in Scream Maker's Livin' In The Past, even with their classic heavy metal style.

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In Short

My conclusion is possibly more toward ambivalence than interest in Scream Maker's Livin' In The Past, even with their classic heavy metal style.

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