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Primeval Realm: Primordial Light
Primeval Realm Primordial Light CD Album Review

Primeval Realm: Primordial Light

Heavy/Doom Metal

It's curious: Primeval Realm creator Joe Potash wanted to form a band where he was the only guitarist, and thought doom metal was his best choice. It makes you wonder what other genres he crossed off his list first. I guess he could be the only player in the band, then he would be the only guitarist. Nah, that wouldn't work.

Primeval Realm Primordial Light Band Photo

Primeval Realm: primordial cave.

Hailing from Trenton New Jersey and signed to Germany's Pure Steel Records, I'm not sure if I would call Primeval Realm and their debut album, Primordial Light, strict doom metal. Sure some songs have that sluggish, stomping through mud with 20 pound weights around your ankles, feeling, notably at the end of Night of the Wolfmoon and the majority of Black Flames & Shadows. But that latter song has some up tempo movement at the end with Potash wailing on the guitar. No, Primeval Realm is 'doom' like recent Candlemass has been called doom metal. Weightier, yes, slow at times, but leaning more to classic Eighties heavy metal. But the sound is not that of some Frankenstein behemoth plodding across the room in pitch black darkness, with arms out stretched, because he can't see.

Songs like Electric Knowledge and Heavy Is The Mind actually have some rock groove, and move at a healthy moderate pace. Then I would probably call Galaxy Lifter more old school heavier metal only with the pace backed down and some equally old school Hammond within. The opening and closing pieces, A Primeval Realm and Primordial Light, respectively, offer mostly acoustic and electric guitars in a nearly classical music fashion; they're both instrumentals, with the latter having some spoken word parts that are nearly unintelligible. Throughout Potash rips it up on the guitar with solid leads. So there he has it: his band with him as the only guitarist. If you like this genre, Primordial Light is good start for Potash and company. We'll see what the future holds.

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In Short

With Primordial Light, Joe Potash's Primeval Realm attempts heavy/doom metal akin to Candlemass and others, offering his own ideas, with some success.

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