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Pinnick Gales Pridgen: PGP2
Pinnick Gales Pridgen PGP2 CD Album Review

Pinnick Gales Pridgen: PGP2

Heavy/Psychedelic/Blues Rock

I guess the bromance was so good the first time around, they had to do it again. Dug Pinnick (King's X), Eric Gales (Lauryn Hill, solo), and Thomas Pridgen (ex-Mars Volta) were in the studio quite soon after the release of their well-received first album. Little more than a year later, they serve us PGP2.

Pinnick Gales Pridgen PGP2 Band Photo

Pinnick Gales Pridgen:: we cool.

I suspect if you liked the first album, you'll dig this one as well. Perhaps the one song that might sum up of the sound of this album is Psychofunkadelic Blues. The those two words you the major elements that make of PGP's heavy rock as it it's loaded with a fusion of psychedelic, funk, and blues rock groove and wrapped in more than a little soul.

It might be an exagerration, but Gales guitar licks take the lead across the album; the ferocity of his psychedelic blues riffs and leads are blistering and pervasive. They can neither be restrained or contained in any song, bursting forth like the spewing lava and rocks of an erupting volcano. But this is not to diminish Pinnick or Pridgen's part. Pinnick's brew of funk rock groove is apparent and steady, and his earthy Hendrix-esque vocals remain. Pridgen lays down the lumber on those skins to maintain tempo and groove with his mates like so much Buddy Rich skill.

While the music is of interest, PGP2, comes across as heavy rock, often slow-burning, with a light under current of funk, and those psychedelic blues guitar lines flying about. What's missing ia that real toe-tapping and ear catching simple rock groove. But it's there in Have You Cried?, and to some extent in The Past Is The Past. Actually, in the context of the entire album, the former song is the only one that really stood out admist of the psychofunkadelic blues heaviness, even though it had all those very same elements. That seem strange to me. This hardly makes this a bad album, not my any means. It's merely seems different to these ears than the previous album. Nevertheless, you can't dispute the level of talent and creativity inherent in the Pinnick Gales Pridgen trio, and most fans will find 'part two' as devastating and entertaining as the first album.

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In Short

You can't dispute the level of talent and creativity inherent in the Pinnick Gales Pridgen trio, and most fans will find PGP2 as devastating and entertaining as the first album.

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