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Party Animals: Light A Fan Cool
Party Animals Light A Fan Cool CD Album Review

Party Animals: Light A Fan Cool

Melodic Hard Rock

If the Italian underground music scene is known for anything it's two things: symphonic power metal and melodic hard rock of the glam/sleaze variety. This month, Street Symphonies, purveyors of the latter genre, offer two new bands, Party Animals and Eyes N Lips. Here we consider the Party Animals' debut album Light A Fan Cool.

Party Animals Light A Fan Cool Band Photo

Party Animals: woof woof.

First off, Party Animals shot themselves in the foot with their album title. I know language differences can be difficult. Meanings don't often translate well from one language to another, and learning and understanding the nuances of English can be a bitch. Supposedly, the phrase 'Light a fan, cool' is a word play on an idiom from the band's hometown which means 'f*ck off.' Well that makes perfect sense to me. Why didn't they just name the album that? Give them credit, however, as the first song is called F*ck You Baby. And how do you 'light' a fan? I guess in Italy instead of telling someone to 'turn on' the fan, you tell them to 'light' the fan? But I digress.

Then it's mostly down hill from there. Andreina's vocals are at best average or less, barely understandable except, of course, when she's dropping the f-bombs. The rhythm section feels nearly sluggish, even tired, making the songs sound both worn and dated at the same time. The high point might be the guitar solos, but they're nothing that you haven't heard in some fashion elsewhere. Riccardo Asquini's recording, mixing, and mastering are equally below proper standards, making the band sound muted, soft, and just plain dull. They should get their money back, and then re-record these songs in another studio with another producer. Normally, at this point I would share some favorite songs from the album but, honestly, I can't say I found anything here interesting or memorable. I also find it hard to believe that they played the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in 2012. But listen for yourself and discover if you have any interest.

Party Animals - Light A Fan Cool (Lyric Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

As for Party Animals' Light A Fan Cool, I can honestly say that I didn't find a single song all that interesting.

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