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Palace: The 7th Steel
Palace The 7th Steel CD Album Review

Palace: The 7th Steel

Heavy Metal

Teutonic metallers Palace have been going strong for better than 20 years. Since 1996, they've released seven albums scattered over nearly as many labels. With the seventh, appropriately titled,The 7th Steel, they've found a home with Massacre Records.

Palace The 7th Steel Band Photo

Palace: yes, we are metal.

Little has changed over seven albums. The 7th Steel is Palace's version of traditional heavy metal with heavy riffing and hard charging. Their sound remains raw, never overproduced, and simple. Bold chords and gruff vocals, powered by a percussive and relentless rhythm are the foundation of every song. The final element of guitar solos are both stinging and raging in all the songs.

You may find some slight mellow segues as within Bloodshed of the Gods or Desert Revolution. But mostly the metal rushes along, in your face and pummeling your ears. But Palace does all this with a sense of melody, usually disguised in the blistering riffage, but you'll catch it in a song like Under New Flag. It's a familiar pattern throughout the entire and so straddles the fence between consistency and redundancy. This, in turn, lends to the songs running together with no dissimilarity, nothing really standing out or taking root in your ear. Even with the necessary two listens to review the album, I'm not sure I have a good reason to listen to it again. Nevertheless, for more assertive and raw traditional heavy metal, Palace's The 7th Steel stays the course.

Palace - The 7th Steel - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

For more assertive and raw traditional heavy metal, Palace's The 7th Steel stays the course.

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