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Ogre: The Last Neanderthal
Ogre The Last Neanderthal CD Album Review

Ogre: The Last Neanderthal

Heavy/Stoner/Psych/Doom Rock/Metal

I find it perplexing at the very least. How does an obscure band from a small American city playing music from a basically underground and largely ignored genre find international recognition, even international label support?

Ogre The Last Neanderthal Band Photo

Ogre: the last neanderthals?

Such is the case with Portland Maine's Ogre who play old school heavy stoner psych rock and metal. While they perform mostly regionally, they have played in Japan. Their last two albums were on the Japanese label, Leafhound Records. Now, their latest and fourth album, The Last Neanderthal, was picked up by the revived Minatauro Records in Italy.

Some might consider the album title, The Last Neanderthal, a metaphor for the music within. It's mostly heavy rock and metal, while having some speed at times, basically thuds along, not far from its cousin, doom metal. Of course, there's the fuzzy riffage and the guitar leads often reflect Seventies era psychedelic. But the truth is Ross Markonish can wail on that guitar. Notably on Warpath, where his lead is as furious as the title suggests.

The doomish element does arrive in several songs, largely in the two longest songs. Bad Trip has an odd combination creepiness, rage, and gloom that might characterize a bad drug trip. The Hermit reminds not so much of the original reference of some living the eremitic life, but the reclusive misanthrope away in the woods, deep in a cave. The tones are deep and earthy, yet the guitars sharp and almost wandering.

Like their previous releases, I'm quite sure the heavy/stoner/doom rock underground will find Ogre's The Last Neanderthal quite satisfying. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Like their previous releases, I'm sure the heavy/stoner/doom rock underground will find Ogre's The Last Neanderthal quite satisfying.

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