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Night By Night: NxN
Night By Night NxN CD Album Review

Night By Night: NxN

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Let's start with the finish: if you haven't pre-ordered (or, if reading after the release date, bought) Night By Night's debut album NxN, stop reading (did I just say that), call your local record shop, and get this album. Yeah, it's that good. I'll wait.

Night By Night NxN Band Photo

Night By Night NxN: in close quarters.

Storming stages from their native UK to Europe, NxN has been making their presence felt. They've caught the ear of fans, press, and peers. Rik Savage of Def Leppard took notice and offered to write songs with them. And why not? Night By Night has the riffs, melodies, and especially the vocal harmonies that would grab any fan of Def Leppard.

They also got the balls of hard, metal edged, rock allowing them share in the best of past and present. NxN could overthrow most any Eighties Sunset Strip band, but also kick the collective asses of current wankers like Nickelback, Seether, Black Veil Brides or The Relapse Symphony. Throw in some terrific guitar solos and a storming stage presence, and you have a melodic rock monster. Just drop them in your favorite arena, plug in the amps, bring in the crowds, and let them rock.

And rock they do, across this album, with toe-tapping and fist pumping catchy enthusiasm with Time To Escape, Siren, A Thousand Lies, and Can't Walk Away some of the most memorable. A thick rock groove infects every song. Though you might not think so with Never Die Again which starts quietly only to go into full bore metal mode, yet the groove rises underneath. NxN moderates a little bit with If Only, not exactly a ballad, but things slow down some. Honestly, there's not a single bad song on this album, nor is their any filler; they packed NxN with just enough to keep you happy, and also wanting more. Easily recommended.

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In Short

Night By Night gives classic melodic hard rock an adrenaline joint for a fresh modern sound filled with big riffs and classy vocal harmonies.

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