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Mindfeeder: Endless Storm
SMindfeeder Endless Storm Review

Mindfeeder: Endless Storm

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Note: this is an addendum to my review of the album in April 2013.

Since the release and review in the spring of 2013, Portugual's Mindfeeder has been signed to Metalodic Records and promoted through Germany's Power Prog Records. Therefore, while I often don't do this, Endless Storm does deserve some additional comment(s) with this significant milestone in the band's career. Perhaps, the most significant comment is that this album sounds better the second time around (in my case the third and fourth listen).

Mindfeeder Band Photo

Mindfeeder:: brain eaters.

As mentioned in the previous review, below, Mindfeeder are after basic European melodic heavy power metal, no surprises there, and they're quite good at it. Yet my conclusion remains essentially the same as before, especially concerning any progressive elements: they're mostly nuanced. But for that Euro power metal The Call, Feed Your Mind, and especially 1628 deliver the goods, kicking some serious arse. Still recommended, possibly bumping up the score to 4.0/5.0.

Original Review:

After a demo, an EP, and establishing their the Portuguese The March of Metal Festival, Mindfeeder finally delivers their full-length debut Endless Storm. It's a rather large platter of European heavy power metal co-produced by another power metal peer, Iron Savior's Piet Sielck, who also contributes vocals and lead guitar.

Endless Storm is another example of an album that gets better as you move through it and eventually captures some interest after a second spins. Otherwise, there's nothing novel here; Mindfeeder gets the essence of power metal and delivers it with some dexterity. Endless Storm, Together, and Feed Your Mind are rather typical of the species.

They make an attempt at power prog with the Memories suite with mixed results as the four parts aren't all that definable. More interesting are 1628 and Our Side of Life which offer more groove and accessibility, sounding more like metal anthems. The former song also provides an example of the roaring guitar solos that fill this work, one of it's strongest features. All in all, Endless Storm is good effort from a promising band. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Mindfeeder's Endless Storm is good effort, a good collection of classic European power metal tunes, from a promising band. Recommended.

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