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Messiah's Kiss: Get Your Bulls Out
Messiah's Kiss - Get Your Bulls Out CD Album Review

Messiah's Kiss: Get Your Bulls Out

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Messiah's Kiss has been missing in action for nearly six years, mostly due to the health issues of several members including main songwriter guitarist Georg Kraft. But while he had to set aside his songwriting for a time, the rest of the band pitched in to help for their first new album in seven years, Get Your Bulls Out. And fans of the band might find this democratic writing process has led to some surprises.

Messiah's Kiss Get Your Bulls Out Band Photo

Messiah's Kiss

Mostly, the last three Messiah's Kiss albums have been excursions into classic heavy/power metal, the 'keep it true' variety. Get Your Bulls Out, on the other hand, twists things up a bit, combining their heavy metal with late Eighties American hard rock. There's still heavy and sharp riffage, and plenty of the speed of power metal, but you can hear more groove and bounce amidst the melody. Songs like Survivor, Time To Say Goodbye, Mission to Kill, or Nobody Knows Your Name definitely strike the metal chord, move with some friskiness, yet have plenty of rock groove propelling the mix. Alternatively, Whisper A Prayer or Immortal Memory churn more like traditional power metal yet, once more, with a great liveliness in the groove.

Also, most every song is influenced and quite dependent upon the lyrics and the melody of the vocal arrangements. You definitely catch this with Buried Alive or Fuel For Life. In the latter case, it uses some slight gang vocals to complement the raucous temperament of the song. That song is also a good example of the strength of the bass lines across the album, which adds to the groove in a persistent way. Another is Only Murderers Kill Time, where it's quite strong and present in the latter half of the song. And, once more, it's another song were the vocal-lyric arrangement makes the song persuacive, especially in the chorus. Finally, there's a lot of music here: if you buy the digipak version of the album you get two bonus tracks. One of those tracks is It's No Good, which basically steers clear of the heavy metal for a more original melodic hard rock with nearly a funky groove. It's all rather interesting, different, and entertaining. Perhaps Messiah's Kiss will return to their classic heavy metal origins, or not. The path they're on now is equally promising. Recommended.

Messiah's Kiss - Get Your Bulls Out (Trailer) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With Get Your Bulls Out, Messiah's Kiss returns to put a different twist on their classic heavy metal sound. It's a bit different, but definitely interesting and entertaining.

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