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Kaledon: Antillius The King Of Light
Kaledon - Antillius The King Of Light CD Album Review

Kaledon: Antillius The King Of Light

Melodic Power Metal

When metal fans think of a band with a developed and long-running fantasy mythology, they may think of power metal stalwarts, Rhapsody or Fire, Blind Guardian or Hammerfall. But, if they haven't, they should also consider Italy's Kaledon. Their Legend Of The Forgotten Reign mythos has been going on for twelve years with six 'chapter' albums and two character albums, the latest being Antillius, The King Of Light. Head over to their website to discover the story; it's quite expansive.

Kaledon Antillius The King Of Light Photo


Obviously, Antillius, The King Of Light explores the character, history, and legend of one of the main characters of the kingdom of Kaledon. Kaledon, the band, uses traditional European power metal to bring the story to life. Don't know the drill. Basically galloping melodic heavy metal with moments and segues of moderation, wrapped in significant melody, vocal harmonies, and symphonic layers. Toss in a bushel load of guitar solos, and smatterings of synth solos for accent, and you get the picture. The result is something both ambitious and creative, but also predicable in the context of the Euro power metal theater. But, ultimately, Kaledon is quite good at it, which makes them not so much the unsung heroes of the genre biting, like dogs, at the heels of more famous peers, but rather a band of equal caliber.

Where Kaledon succeeds is when they temper the speedy arrangements with moments of lightness and moderation. A good example comes with The Evil Conquest, which blisters at the start only calm and ease down to the end. Another is Elisabeth, where Kaledon directs their energy to an anthem in duet, with a strong synth presence. My Will, also forgoes most of the gallop for a steady pace with a deep bottom end and sharp riffs. Mostly, however, things rumble along with a torrent of mighty riffage and pummeling drums as with Friends Will Be Enemies, The Angry Vengeance, and The Glorious Blessing as examples. So then it is as expected, and power metal remains in good hands with this talented band.

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In Short

Kaledon brings more of their bombastic power metal to enliven and illustrate their equally epic and ongoing fantasy mythos of kingdom of Kaledon.

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