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God's Army A.D.: God's Army A.D.
God's Army A.D. 2014 Debut CD Album Review

God's Army A.D.: God's Army A.D.

Melodic/Heavy/Speed Metal

Trials and tribulations can often lead to triumph, not always, but for God's Army A.D. founder John A.B.C. Smith (ex-Gallow's Pole, At Vance, Scanner) it did. After some early success, but before getting his music recorded, he found himself in a severe car accident, sidelined from heavy metal. Not until 2012, in a form of musical therapy, Smith re-recorded the God's Army A.D. songs for this debut release for Massacre Records.

God's Army Band Photo

God's Army A.D.: way too happy.

Something probably should be put to rest at the start: God's Army A.D. has got nothing to do with any religion unless, of course, you worship in the temple of heavy metal. (Really hoping you don't take metal that seriously.) What Smith and company are all about is classic melodic heavy/speed metal, channeling a NWoBHM spirit with lots of melody, groove, speed, and a truck load of great riffs and solos from a twin guitar attack. GAAD is not beyond adding some darn catchy refrains as within Gods Must Be Crazy, Waiting For The Miracle, or Hear You Scream. That last song might be the heaviest one here, with Smith sounding a bit more raw.

While most songs move with the pace of classic speed metal, GAAD backs off some in the first third of Coming Back To Like, only to press the accelerator with the start of the guitar solo, and it's a pretty terrific one at that. But, as mentioned before, you get guitar solos in abundance, like a proverbial shitload. I can dig that. It's probably one GAAD's best strengths, next to the fine arrangements and Smith's vocal delivery. Perhaps the only downside is that, by today's standards, it's a short listen, under 40 minutes. Alternatively, that's about the length of an Eighties LP, and there's definitely no filler her. God's Army A.D.'s debut disc is easily recommended for fans of 'true' metal.

God's Army A.D. - Gods Must Be Crazy - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

God's Army A.D. is classic melodic heavy/speed metal, channeling a NWoBHM spirit with lots of melody, groove, speed, and a truck load of great riffs and solos.

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