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Firewolfe: We Rule The Night
Firewolfe - We Rule The Night CD Album Review

Firewolfe: We Rule The Night

Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Following a successful debut album, American band Firewolfe returns with their second effort, We Rule The Night. A few things have changed including some slight line up shuffles that have reduced the band to a four piece. Additionally, Firewolfe has landed a record deal with Germany's Limb Music for more international distribution and recognition. That's always a good thing.

Firewolfe We Rule The Night Band Photo


Those who enjoyed the first album should sit up and take notice of We Rule The Night, as well as those who simply enjoy traditional American heavy metal. In that tradition, it's probably better to describe Firewolfe's sound as an intersection melodic metal and hard rock since a rock groove, to a lesser and greater extent, informs most every song. You'll catch this within the title track, Long Road Home, and Who's Gonna Love You, by example. But that last song might throw you a bit of a curve in the context of the entire album. The groove meets it's match with a more than subtle blues move. It's got this real Whitesnake vibe going on, and Nick Layton lays down some nice licks to compliment that theme.

Speaking to that element, Firewolfe and We Rule The Night might be considered a guitar-oriented album as Layton's riffs and leads are present and enthusiastic. In the best sense his chops lead many songs like We Rule The Night, Luck of the Draw, and Ready To Roll. But, alternatively and equally, much of the same could be said for the rhythm section in those latter two songs, but elsewhere as well. Yet, with the gruff, but melodic vocals, of David Fefolt factored into the mix, you discover that there is not necessarily a specific musician or interest at the center. In other words, all parts create and inform the song, and that makes for some good songwriting.

A few final comments. While there are many songs to enjoy, Late Last Night really caught my attention. It's this anthem of sorts, some broad mix of melodic and power metal, but not in the Euro sense, with this damn catchy refrain. Alternatively, to be honest, after the groovy blues of Who's Gonna Love, on the first spin, I felt the remainder album seemed more hard and heavy, lacking in some liviliness found earlier. The last song Dream Child is probably the song that put me off a bit. Not my favorite. Conversely, after subsequent listens, the second half quickly grew on me. Yeah, it's hard, generally heavy, but the groove and melody comes through and, lead lovers, Layton rips off some spry moves. All in all, We Rule The Night is another fine and entertaining effort from Firewolfe, and a welcome addtion to your traditional metal catalogue. Recommended.

Firewolfe - We Rule The Night - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

We Rule The Night is another fine and entertaining effort from Firewolfe, and a welcome addtion to your traditional metal catalogue.

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