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Dirty Diamonds: Let's Get Loud
Dirty Diamonds Let's Get Loud CD Album Review

Dirty Diamonds: Let's Get Loud

Melodic Hard Rock

Following the success of their 2013 EP, Irish rockers Dirty Diamonds deliver their first full-length album with Let's Get Loud. Their music tears a page out of the book of classic melodic hard rock, sometimes with heavier metal edge.

Dirty Diamonds Let's Get Loud Band Photo

Dirty Diamonds: into the black.

Dirty Diamonds also takes a page out the sleaze hard rock book as well, having the genre sneer, swagger, and vulgarity. You'll catch this with Against The Grain, Hell or High Water, Sex With No Strings, and ornery, in your face, Goin' Down. You might toss Wakin' Up The Neighborhood in with that bunch, but it sounds more like an old KISS song, thanks to lifting a few riffs from the band.(Vocalist Jonathon Ryan sometimes has the timbre of Paul Stanley in his voice.) Harder and heavier material comes with songs like Crash & Burn and Hell or Higher. Something of a ballad comes with Want You to Want Me, an curious conundrum when cast beside Sex With No Strings. Most every song has a sharp classic rock guitar solo, one the album's strengths. Alternatively, some songs are simply too long like the title track, which could easily have 50 seconds shaved off for more efficiency, or Wakin' Up The Neighborhood, where the tempo and delivery feels almost laborious after awhile.

Generally, however, Dirty Diamonds are not bringing anything new to the table. It's familiar territory for those of us who grew up with classic Eighties rock and our sons who are digging into our record collection. Some, however, may find the sound dated and repetitive. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Let's Get Loud is something that should be dismissed out of hand, as the band understands their chosen genre and can craft the proper songs. Check it out for yourself.

Dirty Diamonds - Let's Get Loud - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

With Let's Get Loud, Dirty Diamonds' music tears a page out of the book of classic melodic hard rock, sometimes with heavier metal edge.

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