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Diabulus In Musica: Argia
Diabulus In Musica Argia CD Album Review

Diabulus In Musica: Argia

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

Returning once more to the fray of female-fronted symphonic power metal bands is Spain's Diabulus In Musica with their third album, Argia. You can expect a rather lavish and bombastic soundscape with vocalist Zuberoa Aznárez offering the usual operatic-like vocals common to the genre.

Diabulus In Musica Argia Band Photo

Diabulus In Musica: interesting belt placement.

It's hard to say something adequate or interesting beyond the last statement. I've been to the well too many times to find something more or satisfying to say about another female-fronted symphonic power metal and their latest album. Either they have the necessary elements and in the right measure, or go home. Fortunately, for earnest fans of this genre, DiM has it in spades. Think older Nightwish injected with some Rhapsody of Fire.

Aznárez is a skilled vocalist, going from grounded to soaring in a single song like Eternal Breeze or Inner Force. Some songs like Furia De Libertad she sings in her native Spanish. On the epic and bombastic Encounter at Chronos' Maze she gets some help from accomplished vocalist Thomas Vikstrom (Therion, Stormwind, et al). As usual, across the album, the synths are huge, the guitar solos soaring. Though I wonder if Diabulus In Musica didn't use a true orchestra. On the downside, on several songs they have keyboard player Gorka Elso swallow some rusty nails, some bat wings, and the eye of newt, followed by some ipecac, and then vomit some death vocals in the arrangement. Not that interesting. But if traditional European symphonic power metal is your thing, you'll find Argia to be grand and bombastic.

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In Short

If traditional European symphonic power metal is your thing, you'll find Diabulus In Musica's Argia to be grand and bombastic.

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