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Derdian: Human Reset
Derdian Human Reset CD Album Review

Derdian: Human Reset

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

With changes and transition, introducing a new singer and forgoing a record label, in the past, Italy's Derdian returns with a stable line up and another solid foray into melodic power metal with Human Reset. Also like the previous Limbo, it appears the band has once more abandoned the concept album for more individual songs.

Derdian Human Reset Photo

Derdian: playing for beer.

After these things, I'm not sure there's much more to say about this album. (Like you really believe I have nothing more to say. Ha.) The pace of the album is generally swift, sticking with tried and true power metal. As in past works there's a significant symphonic element. Yet, unlike brethren Rhapsody of Fire, Human Reset doesn't have that gargantuan explosive feeling. No, between riffs andy synths, it's definitely more tempered.

You might also hear some progressive metal nuances in some of the long pieces like Mafia or Alone but, like the symphonic layer, it's more subdued like a silent yet obvious partner in the arrangement. Alternatively, the influence is stronger as within swift and airy Gods Don't Give a Damn or the heavier Alone. Other times, some songs, even the longer ones, seem to be going after something crafty and catchy. Notable is Music Is Life, which elegantly blends a symphonic and classic music sound with traditional melodic metal. Another is Write Your Epitaph, where the band molds groove and melody with a catchy refrain and strong guitars. Derdian also tosses in a traditional metal anthem with After The Storm, which moves mostly by the harmonious vocal arrangement, yet also has one killer guitar solo. And that's another strong point for Human Reset: if you like big guitar solos, there's lots.

Backing up a bit, at the start of the album, passing over the intro, Human Reset and In Everything, almost came across as generic and average European power metal. My expectation then, at the start, was to end up being ambivalent about this work. Yet, listening through the album, Derdian demonstrates both their creativity and mastery of the genre, without making it ordinary or trivial as can happen in this genre. If anything Human Reset is as good if not better than previous material, and definitely a contender with their peers. Recommended.

Derdian - Human Reset Official Album Teaser 2014 - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

With stable line up, Derdian returns with another solid, strong, and entertaining album of melodic power metal, with obvious symphonic and progressive notes, that will contend with any of their European peers.

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