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Chainreaction: A Game Between Good and Evil
Chainreaction A Game Between Good and Evil CD Album Review

Chainreaction: A Game Between Good and Evil

Heavy Metal

Now for something completely different, at least different from what's been pitched to me from the field of female-fronted metal. Hamburg's Chainreaction is a female-fronted band, but not a symphonic, melodic death, or power metal band, and without operatic vocals. Gasp. What's happening here. After a trio of EPs, Chainreaction delivers their first full-length album, A Game Between Good and Evil.

Chainreaction A Game Between Good and Evil Band Photo

Chainreaction: what's with the short hair?

To be truthful a listener will likely hear some power metal elements as the band can get speedy at times, but it's not always galloping double bass drums. (If recollection serves, drummer David Flenner doesn't even us two bass drums.) Mostly Chainreaction's metal comes in the form of classic heavy metal, mixed at times with speed metal, making their metal the 'keep it true' variety.

As for Conny Bethke's voice, she sings more like a traditional male metal singer, rather than as an operatic singer. She's rather straight forward voice, and never goes screamo or attempts to get out of her range. At times the music seems to over power her, but she holds her own. The music, once more, is also rather straight forward heavy metal. Songs like Angels Never Die and Warrior take a moderate pace, others like Where Is God or Be Honest can race along. What you do get is powerful guitar leads and lots of them driven by an equally powerful and thundering rhythm section. The mix was handled well bringing up Christoph Quant's bass line. While I'm not always keen on female-fronted metal bands, especially in the traditional metal genre, Chainreaction won me over simply because their classic heavy metal is quite good and so makes their vocalist sound good too. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

As opposed to the complex field of female-fronted symphonic metal bands, Chainreaction goes for more traditional heavy metal, and they're quite good at too.

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