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Whiskey Six: American Grit
Whiskey Six - American Grit Album Review

Whiskey Six: American Grit

(Melodic/Southern) Hard Rock/Metal

Rising from the desert heat of Arizona is Whiskey Six with their first full-length album, American Grit. Whiskey Six takes some blues, a little country, some classic rock and metal and wraps it in a slight modern, d-tuned, wrapper for some rather infectious groove heavy rock. It's like Nickelback mashed with Texas Hippie Coalition, but often sounding better than both.

Whiskey Six American Grit Band Photo

Whiskey Six: American sunglasses.

At the core, Whiskey Six is a rock band, always seeking to pump up the groove and keep your toe tapping, your fist pumping. The blues, country, metal, and even some old-fashioned boogie ala that 'little old band from Texas,' only exists to add to this groove. You get this easily with Your Disease, Anything But Sober, Double Barrel Man, and the ridiculously infectious and catchy Ruin and Omission. (Here's where they trump both Texas Hippie Coalition and Nickelback.)

Yet it's not all quick draw boot stompin' rock. It seems Whiskey Six has a softer side, or not, with quasi-ballads of One Last Time and Heartache, the latter is the better, the former average. If you have doubts about their inspiration from that southern hard rock blues groove, then check out the cover of ZZ Top's classic Heard It On The X. It takes some big balls to carry this great song, but Whiskey Six delivers a sizzling rendition. (In other words, they don't screw it up.)

All this is carried along by some very good songwriting and talented musicianship, not the least of which is Chris Strickler dusty vocals wetted by Jack Daniels and Dave Lansing's guitar. He can move between classic rock to southern slide with ease. While this style of country blues hard rock has been on the sidelines for many years, it certainly gets a large shot of much needed adrenaline from Whiskey Six. Easily recommended.

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In Short

With American Grit, Whiskey Six delivers some entertaining hard rock groove, with a more than a little blues and country flair.

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