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Walkways: Safe In Sound
Walkways - Safe In Sound Album Review

Walkways: Safe In Sound

Alternative/Modern Metal

Here we have the debut from Israel's Walkways, formed in 2010. They are an alternative/modern metal sounding band, with enough dynamics and musicianship to keep the listener interested.

Walkways Safe In Sound Band Photo

Walkways: looking for a hand out.

The first track (minus the opening Intro track) Blood Into Water, has a Katatonia feel to it, especially from their last two discs. Melodic clean guitar, soft sung vocals, lead into multiple layers of heavier music. This is the best song on this disc in my opinion. Next is All Lies, a stop and go bouncy rhythm in the verses while the familiar layers of guitars return in the choruses. Midway through this song, you can hear their American influences from bands such as Korn.

A frantic Jonathan Davis style vocal delivery is heard on and off throughout the rest of this disc. In All Lies, Ran Yerushalmi(v) shows his varied vocal delivery, from melodic and clean singing to his growls and screaming. He is a much better singer than Jonathan Davis in my opinion, and the next song proves that. Endless I, is another song that he sings in his more melodic style, and his emotional delivery really carries this song. Towards the Light, reminds me of later Sevendust, with multiple vocals, big verses, and the overall style of which this heavier song is written. Thoughts sounds like it was meant to be heard on a radio station here in the states, or on Youtube somewhere around Korn's debut album. Luminary Kid, is an instrumental, with spoken vocals, not much else to say.

Sweet Medicine (see below) is the first song I heard from this band, another modern rock radio-friendly song. All the same dynamics heard before, passionate vocals, varied tempos, and a very Korn-like breakdown around the three minute mark. Out, is the next song, it is another heavy yet melodic song that delivers on everything you have heard before. Pause begins where Out ends, and is a very short and unnecessary track. Actions is another screamer, very much like Towards the Light. Skin Deep and Staring Through Closed Blinds finish out the disc. The latter starts of with a slow strummed melody that leads into a heavier riff like we heard on All Lies, and features some very nice lead guitar playing that is lacking over most of the disc. While guitar solos aren't necessarily needed, more variety in the song's structures would benefit the band in future releases. Staring, ends the disc with a short instrumental just like the disc began.

While this is a very much a modern metal sounding album, I do believe Walkways do bring something new to the table. You would be hard pressed not to think this is a band from the States. Their style of music would fit very well on most modern rock radio stations here. I hope they receive the attention here because while they may at times sound like Korn, they are not trying to be Korn. I also noticed influences from bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars and Sevendust as well. Recommended to those who enjoy the bands mentioned, for every one else, this may not change your opinion on this style of music.

Walkways - Sweet Medicine (Official Music Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Walkways's Safe In Sound is a very much a modern metal sounding album, and you would be hard pressed not to think this is a band from the States. Their style of music would fit very well on most modern rock radio stations here.

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