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The Burning Crows: Behind the Veil
The Burning Crows - Behind the Veil Review

The Burning Crows: Behind the Veil

(Melodic) Hard Rock/Metal

The Burning Crows are causing more than a little stir in their native England, thanks in part to a strong debut EP, a tour with veterans The Quireboys, and a slot at Hard Rock Hell. The band also picked up nominations for in the categories of ‘Best Live Band’ and ‘Best Rock song' in both 2010 and 2011. So what do you do to top this and keep the momentum going?

The Burning Crows Band Photo

The Burning Crows: wine and skull.

Give the fans, and music punters, a giant platter of your kick ass hard rock. Behind the Veil offers just that, 12 songs with 2 bonus track clocking at over an hour. That's rather ambitious and means there better be some significant consistency across the album. Frankly, the Crows pull it off. It might be presumptuous to say that every song is killer, but they rarely miss the mark.

Not unlike soul mates The Quireboys, The Burning Crows take the best of UK hard rock and blend it with its classic American counterpart from late Eighties Sunset Strip, tossing in a little blue to boot. Essentially, foregoing comparisons, The Burning Crows are a rock n roll band, one with the talent to write good songs and then play them with swagger and presence. This come through on more than a few songs, most significantly on All The Way, Fallin, So Wrong, Slow Up Get Down (see vid below), and the outrageous romp The Queen, likely the best song here. Well, maybe next to the boisterous title track and its killer guitar lead at the start. Then the bonus tracks, Going Down and Best Damn Everything, push the band to a more metal edge. And there's only one ballad, Here I Am. What's not to like?

My only reservation is to wonder if The Burning Crows didn't fire all there guns at once by giving us this much music. I'm not complaining. Perhaps, however, they should have held some in reserve for the next album. This one is going to be hard to beat. Strongly recommended.

The Burning Crows: Slow Up, Get Down - Official Video - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

On their first full length album Behind the Veil, The Burning Crows deliver more first class classic melodic hard rock, with groove and swagger to spare.

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